Plugin works great does what we wanted. It redirects user correctly to login via MemberClicks website authentication and using form widget as well. Custom event allows users to login from pop-up window.

Philip Kujawki

Thanks for your help with setting this up. The MemberClicks users can automatic login. The private posts and video content on the WordPress website is now available for logged-in members as per their defined roles. That’s amazing. THANK YOU!!

Ashley Cross

This plugin is what I needed, it seamlessly integrates members into WordPress website with just a simple link.

Khai Ramli

With MemberClicks Auth Plugin, we can login round-trip from the WordPress site, authenticate to MemberClicks and return with the user data. That is great. Thank you so much for your assistance and plugin.

Brendon Gallagher

So this is working well. When a user logs into member clicks and the clicks on a link, they are sent to the WordPress site and logged in automatically. Great! We needed additional custom login links for different sections and all worked nicely.

Jan Stabinger

I just checked, I have it connected and working very smoothly. Thank you greatly for all of your help and this looks exactly like what I was hoping for, also for adding that extra feature to complete the plugin!

John Kenny

The plugin worked like a charm. It was easier to install and set up, strongly recommended.

Matthew Theilman

We needed to install LMS on our WordPress website for training material of our members. This Auth plugin allowed our users to login website easily and access their training content that we created with another LMS plugin. It worked flawlessly.

William Thomas

The MemberClicks Auth plugin worked perfectly for my client’s needs. With the installation and configuration of just 7 fields, the plugin was working flawlessly. PiMedia even helped me setup the Restrict User Access plugin used to set permissions for the posts and pages restricted to MemberClicks users.

* * * * * 5 Stars.

Paul Bryant