Thank you very much for your plugin. It really helped me to integrate my mobile app with the WP website using api endpoints,. I got custom endpoints developed too, thank you again for great support.

Khiman Louër

JSON API User Plus plugin helped us integrate our travel mobile app with our WordPress website. Great plugin and excellent support. Strongly recommended.

Dibyendu BiswasBookCheap Travel Agency

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Darrius Robinson

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Amazing product! It enabled me to integrate our mobile app with WordPress website using REST API endpoints.

Vinay Paudel
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Marcelo Gebara StephanoUau Grupo, São Paulo - SP, Brazil

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Andrew Palmer

We got custom work done and few extra endpoints developed with User Plus plugin for our specific needs of mobile apps. great support.

Ebenezer Oppong

We have been using JSON API User Plugin for user registration and other user related features with our mobile app via REST API calls. it works really nicely.

Leonardo Alves

User Plus plugin works for integration of WP website and mobile app via REST API for authentication and posts adding, publishing and updating via REST API endpoint calls.

Zeyad RamadanImancipate LLC, California

Nice product and easy installation, worked out of the box.

Matteo VoltaMilan, Italy

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Nicolò Peroni
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Hoang Thanh

Great product and support. I used it to login my WordPress users using web app via REST API calls, strongly recommended for integration of mobile app with WordPress.

Chad Wilson