Displaying Global Configuration Settings Values in Joomla Website

To get and display the configurations settings values in any Joomla website, Joomla’s JFactory object is used. Using JFactory, we can load configurations values and use them anywhere in our Joomla templates like this: $config =&JFactory::getConfig(); $website_name = $config->getValue(‘config.sitename’); $MetaDesc = $config->getValue(‘config.MetaDesc’); $MetaKeys = $config->getValue(‘config.MetaKeys’); Hope that helps. Cheers.

[Joomla] Resolve Error Installing Joomla Components or Plugins, It was not possible to copy the selected file

If you get following error while installing Joomla components or plugins, It was not possible to copy the selected file. JInstaller::install: Failed to copy file: /var/www/localhost/htdocs/tmp/install_4d621e648af3f/plg_sslredirect/sslredirect.php to /var/www/localhost/htdocs/plugins/system/sslredirect.php Permission Solution You can resolve this by changing permissions (chmod to 777) on following directories in your Joomla website. chmod 777 /tmp chmod 777 /plugins/content chmod 777…