I am a web & mobile app developer based in Lahore. I have been developing creative, interactive, usable & successful web apps, web portals, php and Flash action scripting, REST apis, WordPress plugins & themes. In recent years, I have worked on Ionic, Angular and TypeScript for hybrid mobile apps, Flutter & Dart, React & React Native, and Swift native iOS mobile app development.

How to show/hide content based on select onchange using jQuery

If you want a select drop down option to show/hide specific div contents, here’s a simple solution using jQuery. $(document).ready(function(){ $(“#select_id”).change(function(){ var test = $(this).val(); if(test==\’option value to show\’) { $(“#container”).show(“slow”); }else { $(“#container”).hide(“slow”); } }); HTML code will look something like this. Hey! here are your hidden contents. Cheers!

Top 20 SEO tips that will make your website search engine friendly and to higher rankings

From my experience as a web designer and developer, I have seen websites getting designed, developed and launched without Search engine optimization (SEO) considered at all in the process and even if it is ever implemented, search engine optimization is mostly only an after-thought half hearted attempt to make up with the internet marketers’ complaints.…

Facebook requires every developer to verify his Facebook account to create new applications

While attempting to add another developer to my Facebook Application Settings panel after I tried to save his name, I got the following error: “Validation failed. Only verified developers can be added as listed developers of this application.” A Google search brings this blog post which says here http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/386 that “Starting this week, we are…